The ARTIST is an old curmudgeon. He has a wife who is much younger than the bearded, self-opinionated egotist. They have two children. A youngish, smart arse son and a daughter who is a dancer and married to a truck driver who not only doesn’t  like painting, he doesn’t understand why anyone would want one. He has the same feeling about artists. The daughter, called Legs, has a son from a previous marriage. His name is Licorice because his father was an African hip-hop dancer. Licorice is a very clever young bloke, both scholastically and as a sportsman. And he is an exceptionally talented dancer – and he can sing as well. And then there’s the bloke next door. They all live in a maelstrom of excitement and energy.  Each month you can follow their adventures as they terrorise each other and their neighbours, the local patrons of the pub, the police, the vicar and Spot Harley, the husband’s dog.

comic strip.18.3.09

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