Uldanami was a beautiful young girl who was much sought after by the young men of her tribe.   To save her being embarrassed by so many suitors, Uldanami was transformed into a beautiful goanna by her uncle who was an elder of their tribe.

“When you find a soul mate, you must let me know,” instructed her uncle.

But Uldanami never found anyone who could match the excitement of being able to live in the sky with the sun, who warmed her cold blood with the heat of fires they lit so her earthly brothers and sisters could see from the light the fires gave out.

But Uldanami never found a soul mate and can, to this day, be seen warming her belly on granite rocks, hoping for her god child to be born simply from love of the environment.

Wamili was always sticking his nose into everybody’s business  –  even if it was nothing to do with him at all.

One day, a fire that had been lit by a neighbouring tribe to clear undergrowth, trapped a mob of kangaroos.

Although Wamili should not have concerned himself with his neighbour’s business, he did.   He ran into the area which was burning.

Wamili then decided that he would steal away with one of the kangaroos which had been killed by the smoke.   He dragged the carcass of the kangaroo behind a huge granite boulder to wait for the fire to sweep past him.

But the fire was more fierce than Wamili realised   It swirled around the boulder and sucked the air out of Wamili’s lungs, then raced away.

Wamili could not cry out  –  his voice was a raw croak.   And when night fell, the wind blew and Wamili rose into the air.   He’d grown great black wings made from the cinders and ashes of the fire.   These wings spread and carried him into the branches of a blackened tree where he rested and recovered during the night.

But his voice never recovered, and he can only give out a strangled “craw, craw.”

Wamili can now be found hopping around areas that have been swept by fire.  Usually he is seen pecking at kangaroos which were trapped by the flames.

Wamili is the ancestor of all crows.


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